Forget killing Karan Kundra, Kritika Kamra also wants to marry Karan Johar and take care of his kids

The internet is amused by Kritika Kamra’s confession about wanting to “Kill” her ex boyfriend Karan Kundra that she made on a talk show recently. People can’t get over the fact how casually she’s joked about killing her ex boyfriend, even if it was a part of a fun Kill-marry-hook up segment. But it’s strange how nobody noticed she also made a remark about marrying Karan Johar. Yes, she said it that too by assuring that she will also take care of his beautiful kids, Yash and Roohi.

But obviously it was all in the jest of it but as soon as Kritika was given options to choose between Karan Kundra, Karan Wahi and Karan Johar in order of Kill Marry and Hook Up she said, “I would kill Karan Kundrra because I can’t marry or hook up with him. I can’t hook up with Karan Johar, so I will marry him. He has two beautiful kids and I will have to do nothing. Just take care of the kids.” Thereafter, she turned towards Wahi who had accompanied her on the show and told him, “I’m really sorry but we may have to hook up.” Following which, Karan quipped, “Our form of hook up will be talking about other men and women.”

We wonder how Johar will react to this cutesy proposal coming from Kritika. I mean, I don’t think anybody has ever made such a confession about wanting to marry Karan. Sweet, we say. But in case you are still struggling to come in terms with Kritika’s intentions to “Kill” Karan then let us tell you guys that there’s no bad blood between the two former lovers. Yes, they were in a relationship for quite some time before calling it quits but both have moved far ahead in their respective lives. Kritika even hangs out with Karan’s current girlfriend Anusha Dandekar as she once mentioned, “I am very happy for the two. We hang out together and it’s always fun. I am extremely fond of Anusha. She is a very sweet girl and a fun girl and she makes him fun too. And yes styles him too, what better could Karan have asked for.”