GoAir Offers Flight Tickets From Rs 1,216 In New Sale. Details Here

GoAir’s new offer is applicable on flights to destinations including Mumbai, Goa, Pune and Bengaluru

GoAir is offering flight tickets starting at an all-inclusive Rs 1,216 in a limited-period scheme. GoAir’s offer can be availed till April 23, applicable on flights to destinations including Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad and Chennai, according to the airline’s website – goair.in. The cheapest flight tickets being offered under this GoAir scheme are on a journey from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, according to the GoAir website. Flights tickets for traveling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai start at an all-inclusive Rs 1,216, GoAir mentioned.

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A search on the GoAir bookings portal on Thursday showed some flight tickets were available for booking at Rs 1,216 for a journey from Ahmedabad to Mumbai next week.

From To Fare (all-inclusive)
Ahmedabad Mumbai Rs 1216
Bagdogra Guwahati Rs 1304
Bengaluru Goa Rs 1399
Delhi Lucknow Rs 1504
Ahmedabad Pune Rs 1531
Lucknow Delhi Rs 1559
Patna Ranchi Rs 1560
Bengaluru Hyderabad Rs 1648
Guwahati Bagdogra Rs 1674
Pune Ahmedabad Rs 1681
Hyderabad Bengaluru Rs 1695
Leh Delhi Rs 1800
Mumbai Ahmedabad Rs 1844
Chennai Pune Rs 1872
Pune Bengaluru Rs 1913
Mumbai Bengaluru Rs 2301
Ranchi Delhi Rs 2322
Mumbai Goa Rs 2338
Mumbai Kochi Rs 2398
Delhi Ranchi Rs 2445
Ahmedabad Hyderabad Rs 2480
Ahmedabad Bengaluru Rs 2482
Delhi Ahmedabad Rs 2489
Pune Chennai Rs 2521
Bengaluru Nagpur Rs 2594
Nagpur Bengaluru Rs 2618
Patna Delhi Rs 2652
Nagpur Mumbai Rs 2691
Ahmedabad Delhi Rs 2699
Chennai Mumbai Rs 2716
Mumbai Nagpur Rs 2763
Goa Bengaluru Rs 2848
Lucknow Hyderabad Rs 2933
Hyderabad Ahmedabad Rs 2964
Delhi Hyderabad Rs 2969
Kochi Mumbai Rs 3014
Bengaluru Mumbai Rs 3033
Kolkata Hyderabad Rs 3044
Jaipur Mumbai Rs 3111
Goa Mumbai Rs 3125
Kolkata Bagdogra Rs 3126
Srinagar Delhi Rs 3186
Pune Nagpur Rs 3214
Nagpur Pune Rs 3226
Kolkata Guwahati Rs 3302
Lucknow Chandigarh Rs 3306
Hyderabad Lucknow Rs 3352
Hyderabad Delhi Rs 3421
Mumbai Jaipur Rs 3440
Hyderabad Kolkata Rs 3471
Mumbai Chennai Rs 3482
Kolkata Delhi Rs 3542
Delhi Patna Rs 3579
Ranchi Mumbai Rs 3636
Pune Delhi Rs 3717
Jammu Srinagar Rs 3733
Delhi Pune Rs 3823
Kolkata Mumbai Rs 3823
Jammu Delhi Rs 3977
Delhi Mumbai Rs 3989
Lucknow Mumbai Rs 4008
Delhi Bengaluru Rs 4033
Mumbai Kolkata Rs 4038
Delhi Jammu Rs 4076
Lucknow Bengaluru Rs 4104
Bhubaneswar Mumbai Rs 4133
Chennai Port Blair Rs 4158
Kolkata Port Blair Rs 4184
Delhi Kolkata Rs 4224
Mumbai Bhubaneswar Rs 4391
Delhi Goa Rs 4399
Bagdogra Delhi Rs 4400
Guwahati Delhi Rs 4466
Mumbai Delhi Rs 4498
Mumbai Chandigarh Rs 4499
Port Blair Chennai Rs 4548
Delhi Guwahati Rs 4579
Ahmedabad Kolkata Rs 4619
Kolkata Ahmedabad Rs 4635
Mumbai Lucknow Rs 4954
Delhi Bagdogra Rs 5000
Bengaluru Lucknow Rs 5006
Mumbai Ranchi Rs 5028
Bengaluru Patna Rs 5073
Chandigarh Mumbai Rs 5115
Mumbai Patna Rs 5163
Delhi Srinagar Rs 5949
Delhi Leh Rs 6120
Goa Delhi Rs 6194
Bengaluru Port Blair Rs 6460
Port Blair Kolkata Rs 6777
Srinagar Mumbai Rs 6854
Mumbai Jammu Rs 6998
Port Blair Bengaluru Rs 7166
(Source: goair.in)

Here are five things to know about the GoAir scheme, offering flight tickets from Rs 1,216:

1. Some other all-inclusive flight tickets being offered under the GoAir scheme are priced from Rs Rs 1,399, for flights from Bengaluru to Goa, Rs 1,559 (Lucknow to Delhi), Rs 1,648 (Bengaluru to Hyderabad), Rs 1,872 (Chennai to Pune) and Rs 1,913 (Pune to Bengaluru), according to the airline’s website.

2. “Standard Cancellation & Rebooking policy applies,” GoAir mentioned on its website. The fares offered under the scheme are valid across select fare types, the airline said.

3. Without divulging the total number of seats available under the offer, GoAir said: “Limited seats only.”

4. Group discounts are not applicable on this offer, it noted.

5. “Other terms and conditions and limitations of liability applicable as per ‘Citizen’s Charter’ displayed on www.GoAir.in,” the airline added.