High Fever review: Lara Dutta, Ahmed Khan and Dana Alexa’s dance reality show is entertaining and not to be missed

Now there’s one dance reality show that you can’t miss. High Fever – Dance Ka Tevar which has Lara Dutta, Ahmed Khan and international dance expert, Dana Alexa as judges, is one of a kind. The show has participants coming in pairs of two. It can be sisters, brothers, friends, lovers, teacher-student, we even saw a pair of sisters-in-law participating in the show. We totally loved the concept and the performances are mind-blowing. For a dance reality show, it is the performances that form the crux of the show obviously and this one will impress you. So far we have only seen the judges mingling and joking around but we’d want to see them judge properly in the upcoming episodes.

So far it is just “Whattay performance” and “You’re in”. Dana is an artist from America who will be judging the show alongside Lara and Ahmed. We didn’t really see a lot of involvement from her end but we’d give her the benefit of doubt and hope that she gets comfortable with the setup soon. I am personally looking forward to the judges introducing new styles of dance through the show. Like every other reality show, this one also has a host who picks on female judge he can flirt with. The maker roped in Nitesh Shetty to host the show instead of a Jay Bhanushali or Rithvik Dhanjani which is quite fresh, if you ask me. (ALSO READ: When Mumbai rains cost Mahesh Bhupathi his years of hard work, thanks to Lara Dutta)

What’s Hot

The judges and the host don’t waste too much time on fillers. They hurry to the next performances which is a good thing. The production value of the set looks much better compared to some of the other shows. Makers have brought in contestants who also have an interesting story to tell along with good performances. It looks promising and we’re hoping to see it grow into one of the best shows. We can’t wait till the judges get to the technical aspects of judging performances. The visual effects during performances are damn good.

What’s Not

Why do hosts have to flirt to entertain, I will never understand. I lose interest immediately when the host starts flirting with one of the judges. It’s such a cliche and they need to come up with something new to make the show better.


High Fever is one show that you must watch on weekends. You will be hooked on to it. Can’t wait to see more of this!

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