Priyanka Chopra’s jumpsuit is exorbitant but then so is Katrina Kaif’s T-shirt

The fashion world is oh-so-expensive, right? We see our beloved celebs eyeing the most costly outfits from fashion houses across the globe. They are on a mission to put their best foot forward and seldom go wrong with that. From owning collections from top-notch brands like Gucci and Versace to the ones that a common man can afford like Zara and Mango – they don’t hesitate to follow their heart. Price tags don’t matter to them and why should it? Their salaries boast of more zeroes than we can count on our fingers. But there are times when the sum that they pay to buy an attire doesn’t justify the cost. It’s too far-fetched at times and many of us agree that it’s not worth it. Wondering what are we talking about? Well, you can take a look below…

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra opted for a Missoni blue jumpsuit while attending a social event in New Delhi last week. The exclusive Missoni bi-material and three-dimensional zigzag solid colour fabric comes with a price that will burn a hole in your pockets. This Missoni jumpsuit will cost you Rs 1,46,350 approximately. Too high, we must say! Also Read: A Kid like Jake trailer: Leave aside Priyanka Chopra, the little kid is the real star of this movie

Shilpa Shetty


The bright yellow skirt from Jacquemus’ Spring/Summer 18 collection is graceful. This La Jupe Sol skirt that comes in an uplifting shade of yellow and drapes around the waist in the style of a summery sarong. While we are personally a big fan of this skirt with a twist, we wonder if we can ever convince ourselves to spend Rs 35,300 for it. Guess the answer is no.

Katrina Kaif 


This simple Rolling Stone T-shirt from Madeworn isn’t as simple as it looks when it comes to its heavy price tag. This casual T-shirt that Katrina Kaif picked for her recent airport appearance will cost you Rs 11, 400! Not fair. Period. Also Read: 3 things you will read in Katrina Kaif’s memoir – Barbie Dreams

Parineeti Chopra

Parinneti (2)

If elder sister is busy flaunting her oh-so-costly wardrobe, younger sister shouldn’t be far behind. Though Parineeti doesn’t splurge quite like Queen Pri, her fashion choices are exorbitant at times. However, her recent style outing isn’t as pricey as it generally is. The brown striped Zara shirt costs Rs 3,400 only. And that is still affordable, right?