Roadies Xtreme – Journey: Prince Narula – Raftaar’s rivalry and the contestant’s bravery make the first episode an interesting watch

It has been a month since MTV Roadies Xtreme started and we have to say it has been an entertaining few weeks. After the auditions round completed, the gang leaders – Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa and Raftaar are excited to kickstart the journey. The 20 Roadies have been selected after insane auditions, tasks and interviews. And while, the new season has been extreme till now, looks like it is going to get even more extreme, that to not just for the Roadies, but the gang leaders too. Rannvijay Singha will be the host and he will be the deciding factor throughout the journey.

Today (April 15) was the first episode of the journey and we have to say we were quite excited about the show. The Roadies were not assigned any gang leader yet, but they had to earn the opportunity to get into the gangs. The gang leaders had to also earn their team members. The whole episode was entertaining with a lot of extreme tasks and twists and turns. A lot of revelations were made and guidlines were given out. Not only were the Roadies shocked but the gang leaders too. So let’s get right into it! Here everything that happped on Roadies Xtreme – Journey episode 1. (ALSO READ – Roadies Xtreme: Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula ROAST the contestants and push them to their limit in the premiere episode)

# The show started off with Rannvijay revealing that Roadies Xtreme will not only be entertaining, but extreme too. He even said that the gang leaders have no idea till what extent they will be pushed. A flash of everything that will happen was shown to us.

# The gang leaders appear and they are quite excited to kickstart the journey. However, they are shocked when Rannvijay reveals that they will have to stay in tents during the journey too.

# Rannvijay calls upon the 20 chosen Roadies and none of the gang leaders knew who had come on the journey. Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa and Raftaar were surprised by a few contestants who made it to the show and some who did not.

# Rannvijay then told each gang leader to select two guys each from the Roadies gang for the first task. Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula’s teams fought it out first, but they could not complete the task. Next up, Rafataar and Nikhil Chinapa’s fought it out and it was a tough fight, but Nikhil’s troops were the only ones who managed to complete the task. (ALSO READ – MTV Roadies Xtreme: The talent of Chandigarh impresses Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Rannvijay Singha)

# Kashish and Rohan, who performed the task for Nikhil’s team got an opportunity to chose which gang they wanted to be a part of. Rohan chose to be a part of Nikhil’s team, while Kashish chose to be a part of Prince’s gang.

# Post the task, the gang leaders and the Roadies go to their tents. And while everyone is happy, Neha is unhappy with the arrangements and says she will not be able to stay without a TV, heater and gyser in her tent.

# Next day, Rannvijay tells the gang leaders to choose their biggest threats and pit them against each other. Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa and Raftaar decide to pit Bibek, Abhishek, Vidit and Sonu against each other. The four contestants had to compete with each other in three different rounds. In the first round, Sonu was eliminated. Abhishek and Bibek then eliminate out Vidit and go into the last round. Bibek and Abhishek then go all out, but it is Bibek who wins. This means Vidit, Abhishek and Sonu will be in the elimination round, while Bibek gets the immunity!

# After the task, Rannvijay congratulates Bibek. He even applauds Vidit as it took two contestants to eliminate him. Vidit delivers an empowering message, which Raftaar feels is directed towards him. This intensifies Raftaar and Prince Narula’s sporty rivalry. (ALSO READ – Rannvijay Singh, Raftaar take a stand against racial discrimination in Roadies Xtreme – read details)

The show ended with Rannvijay saying that the extreme tasks continue next weekend and the first round of eliminations will also take place. We see a few glimpses of the insane tasks and the fights that will take place next weekend. We can just say it will be a great show! So, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you all the dope and updates from MTV Roadies Xtreme right here.