This Star Wars actress is in awe of Priyanka Chopra

Is there anyone who doesn’t like or admire Bollywood’s desi girl, Priyanka Chopra? Don’t struggle with the answer, because it’s a big fat NO. The Quantico star enjoys an immense fan-following and love from all over the world. She’s destiny’s favourite but also someone who you can look up to. PeeCee knows how to make heads turn, be it in the East or West and she’s that innocent kid in a classroom who’s every teacher’s favourite. Priyanka’s take on feminism, her super inspiring speeches at various social events and the philanthropic side to her personality are some of the many reasons we adore her. But it’s not just her fans that admire this actress to the moon and back. Even celebs in Bollywood and Hollywood root for her equally. They gush about her confidence and the ability to stand strong in the big cruel world. Recently, when the Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress, Kelly Marie Tran, was asked to name women whom she looks up to, she mentioned PeeCee as one of them. Is our heart swelling with happiness already? Also Read: Forget the fact that Priyanka Chopra owns 120 pairs of heels, it’s her huge collection of sunglasses that will stun you

In Kelly’s recent interview with the GQ magazine, she was asked if there are any women she looks up to and well, she had a list instead. She said, “Oh, so many! I love Gina Rodriguez, Tiffany Haddish, Tessa Thompson, Ava DuVernay, Viola Davis, Kate Winslet, Priyanka Chopra, Tina Fey…I could go on and on and on. I hadn’t fully realised, because I am kind of new to this—I had this normal life, and worked in an office for years—that just being in this world, being in the public sphere, takes courage. It takes courage to put yourself out there where millions of people are looking at you, knowing some people will judge and make comments. It takes courage and so much strength just to be yourself, and I look up to women who do that.” There, there she mentioned Priyanka and we are happy dancing. Also Read: Priyanka Chopra wraps up the New York schedule of Quantico season 3 but she isn’t coming to India yet

But Kelly isn’t the only actress who admires Priyanka in the West. Her Baywatch co-star, Dwayne Johnson, too, agreed that it was love at first sight for him. “I love this woman, it’s funny when she came to America… She was over here, signed with our agency, with my agent, we immediately had that connection,” Johnson said, adding, “We got on the phone, we immediately vibed, we share the same DNA, the same ambition… Not only did I fall in love with her, we had this crazy idea that she would be an amazing villain on Baywatch.”