Will Aamir Khan shoot Sarfarosh 2 next? The actor answers…

Aamir Khan celebrated his birthday by doing a couple of things. Debuting on Instagram, flying down to Mumbai from Jodhpur where he was shooting Thugs Of Hindostan, meet the media and interact with them and in the evening going live to speak with his fans who were waiting to hear him all day. He took up a lot of questions from his fans and one of them was about Sarfarosh 2. There were reports many years back that Aamir and John Mathew Mathan are thinking of making ACP Rathore return to the big screen with another gripping story. That sounded like an awesome idea because we can watch Sarfarosh literally everyday. Aamir did answer the question but it might not leave you happy.

John had told PTI about Sarfarosh 2 saying, “The sequel to Sarfarosh will take some time. I am not ready with a proper script as of yet. It will happen next year. Presently, I am busy with two-three other scripts. The sequel will have a different story. We are yet to zero-in on an area around which the plot would revolve. Once I am ready with the script I will talk to Aamir about it.” And turns out he was right. Even Aamir too is waiting for the director to come to him with a script. He informed on Insta-live, “It is one of my favourite films. Sarfarosh part 2 bane toh sabse zyaada khushi mujhe milegi. ACP Rathore ka kirdaar parde pe laana chahunga. Maine John (director) se kahaa ki aap iska part 2 banaie. Woh ab tak kahaan nahi leke aaye. But I am hopeful we will make the sequel one day. ” (Also read: 3 idiots, Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai -10 films that showed us why Aamir Khan is considered the BEST in showbiz!)

Honestly, we can totally wait for Aamir to get a good script for Sarfarosh 2 because we have grown up on that film and won’t want anything to tarnish that memory. What about you?